Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Publishers Weekly's LOVELY Review!

Well, this is pretty cool.  My first review.  I'm so happy to announce that Lark is a "formidable heroine"!

Publishers Weekly

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Last night was the 'super' full moon (14% larger! 30% brighter!).  I insisted to my husband that we go out and look. So we trudge down the drive to the point where the moon has just crested the trees and stand for a moment, considering.  And it's all 'hmm'  'what do you think?' 'is it brighter?' 'doesn't seem so much bigger' and... sigh... we start to trudge back.  I stop and point to the grass, saying 'it's definitely brighter, look at our shadows.'  We are two bits of charcoal against silver.  We stare. My husband pokes an arm out; I try bunny ears; he waves; I shake my leg.  And then suddenly we are silly-dancing in the moonlight, flailing limbs and trailing laughter.

Children unleashed.

So yeah... pretty super, moon! Thank you :)