Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LARK RISING Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to reveal the cover for LARK RISING!  It's beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that I'm going to do this reveal in bits and pieces so you get to see the exquisite detail...

 That's just a portion from the back of the jacket.  I love how the bits of light trail from Lark's fingers!  A hint of Dark Wood, a hint of Lark's connection with Earth...

And here is Lark.  There was a bit of discussion about how much of Lark's face should be shown.  Personally, I've always loved those book covers which leave the heroine to the imagination, that I might put myself into her journey.  So... yay for the hint of profile!

Okay... not the most exciting part, but honestly this is a wrap-around cover, so I'm including this.  Also I have to point to the "1"--because LARK is the first in the (also note) Guardians of Tarnec series :)

 Those are Myr Mountains in the distance... 

Now to reveal who designed the cover:  Marcela Bolivar
She is an amazing digital artist who is currently located in Cali, Colombia (how incredible is that?).  You can check out her portfolio here:

Gulp and wow!  And now look close:

Dark Wood spreads along the back of the jacket.

Those are all the pieces.  So now I'll put them all together:

The front:

The entire jacket:

Lush, haunting. I am SO excited!! (I already said that, but I am!).  Thank you, thank you, Marcela!  And thank you, Random House, for such an inspired choice of artists!

Now... to wait until September 23, 2014!