Monday, December 22, 2014

Alternative and Quite Terrible Titles for LARK RISING (aka TAGGED!)

K.E. Ormsbee, author of the lovely, clever THE WATER & THE WILD recently tagged me in the Terrible Titles Challenge.  I happen to love K.E.'s book (coming April '15), with its gorgeous cover and obviously terrific title. BUT I must admit, her terrible titles are quite awesome (check them out on her blog).

The challenge:  To thumb (or scroll) through book (or ms), stopping at eight random spots--what words are landed upon become the titles.  I'm thinking this is how I'll pick all my titles from now on.

Without further ado, these are LARK's alternatives:

1.  A Raven Huge and Glossy

2.  More Was Offered Here

3.  That Strange Whorl

4.  We Should Go

5.  Ignoring the Burn

6.  A Small Ignorance

7.  I Wonder Too

8.  Trimming Haricots

And now I tag the following authors--who just happened to be the most recent four on my Twitter messages: Amber Lough, Melody Maysonet, Kerry O'Malley Cerra, and Kim Ligget.  TAG!  YOU'RE IT!

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